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One of the world’s very few and India’s very own and only; exquisitely handcrafted, air-dry-clay-jewellery brand, Myrtle* has come a long way in a very short span of just one year from its humble inception, in the beautiful minds of its versatile creators; the sister duo: Saptparni and Shalmoli.


Saptaparni designs and handcrafts clay into mesmerising jewels and Shalmoli, besides giving out of the box creative inputs, also takes care of the visibility of the brand, collecting and creating the #trending ideas.


This unchartered journey began with the sisters’ love of jewels; not just ordinary jewels but jewels as a way of life, as personalities; as characters - inspired by ‘life’ as a phenomenon, blooming in not just human hearts but the ‘heart of life’ itself!


About a year back life made an overwhelming gesture in the lives of the sister duo, in the form of feline beauties, Cats! What started as helping a stray; slowly grew into a compassionate affair of nurturing almost twenty cats and kittens and this proximity to raw life brought them closer to the basics which manifested as a jewel, a Myrtle jewel!